Launching a company is extremely difficult, even under the best circumstances. Now try doing it while solving the world's largest problems. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence



We partner with early-stage artificial intelligence and robotics firms from the moment they receive their first institutional funds, guiding them through beta, branding, product launch and everything in between. We provide the same strategic advice you would hear from an in-house CMO and we execute on that advice as well. Don't have institutional funds yet? Click our "Seed Funding" button in the top right to connect with Grit Labs, our Smart Money seed fund.


Why don't standard PR companies ever get great press?


Despite what most founders believe, PR companies do not write press releases, craft messaging, or create unique stories. They simply pitch to their rolodex. Pitch is different. We create a story that anyone would want to tell and then make sure that they do. Every time.



Our Team


Kelly Coyne, ceo

Kelly is deeply immersed in the Silicon Valley start-up community. Having grown multiple start-ups from conception to over $100M valuations, she is a leading Go-To-Market expert. After earning her MBA from Oxford University, Kelly Coyne served at the helm of marketing for several early-stage hardware companies (Lily, Mimosa and Candl) and advised many others.

Kelly has broad technology experience, but specializes in guiding Robotics, AI, AR/VR and Computer Vision companies from concept to launch. She has tremendous experience managing successful betas, developing use cases and connecting products to the right customers, and leading successful product launches. She has also seen some of extreme pitfalls of SV startups. She is a Techstars mentor and on weekends can be found picnicking in San Francisco and enjoying craft beer.


Kate Mitchell, Head of content

Born and raised surrounded by the entertainment industry, Kate’s passion sits at the intersection of old school media and new school technology. Out of morbid curiosity, Kate fell headlong into the startup trenches after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2011. What began as an entry-level product management job turned into a full-blown obsession with human-computer interaction paradigms and the body of language we use to talk about emerging technology.

Kate channeled this fascination into her work at Leap Motion, where she drove VR/AR developer community growth through content, partner, and event marketing. In addition to grassroots social and content marketing, Kate has extensive experience in strategic advertising, brand narrative, email campaigns, market research, video, and SEO. When she’s not thinking about startups, she can be found listening to podcasts in LA traffic, or engaging in spirited discussions with strangers about the future.